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The Tascam DR-701D is a linear PCM Recorder / Mixer for DSLR cameras. A timecode generator is included for location reference, which can be jam synced from a SMPTE generator, camera, or smart slate. The HDMI in and out allows a DSLR camera to start recording on both devices, and video clock prevents drift between sound and picture.

Four mic inputs can be individually recorded and mixed to a stereo track, for a total of six-track recording. For additional tracks, multiple units can be cascaded together. The lightweight et rigid chassis is forged from a magnesium alloy. Tripod mounts on the top and bottom of the unit allow the unit to moutn under a camera, attach to a follow-focus cage, or used stand-alone.

Tascam DR-701D Features:

  • 6-track recording (4 tracks + L-R stereo mix)
  • Camera sync using HDMI video clock synchronization
  • Cascade feature for additional track recording
  • SMPTE timecode stores time data in recorded audiofiles
  • Lightweight yet rugged magnesium-alloy chassis
  • High-quality HDDA (High Definition DiscreteArchitecture) mic preamps
  • LED lights have high visibility even in direct sunlight
  • Multiband limiter automatically adjusts input overloads (stereo-linkingpossible with 1/L and 2/R)
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