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The Shure GLXD14/PGA31 Headworn Wireless System is part of the Headworn wireless systems family.

Revolutionary Shure GLX-D® Digital Wireless Systems combine leading-edge LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management technology with best-in-class intelligent lithium-ion battery rechargeability to define the new standard for seamless operation and digital audio clarity.


Shure GLXD14/PGA31 Includes:


  • GLXD4 receiver
  • GLXD1 bodypack transmitter
  • PGA31 headset microphone
  • Power supply
  • Clothing clip
  • Windscreens
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User guide


Shure GLXD14/PGA31 Features:


  • GLXD4 receiver:
    • High-resolution LCD screen status display
      • Real-time transmitter battery status displayed in hours and minutes (accurate within + / - 15 minutes)
    • Remote adjustable transmitter gain control
    • Two-color charge indicator LED
      • Green:  Charged
      • Flashing Green: 90% charged
      • Red:  Charging
    • XLR and 1/4" output connectors
    • Lightweight, durable construction
  • GLXD1 bodypack transmitter:
    • Automatically links with GLX-D wireless receivers for seamless frequency changing
    • Sophisticated design with rugged metal construction
    • Easily accessible on / off switch
    • Locking TQG connection for use with Shure lavalier, headset, earset, and instrument microphones and guitar cables
  • PGA31 headset microphone:
    • Wireframe headset fits securely for active speakers and vocal performers
    • Permanently charged electret condenser cartridge delivers detailed, crisp vocals
    • Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise for improved sound quality and higher gain-before-feedback
    • Flexible gooseneck design and discrete adjustment capabilities optimize microphone positioning for further source isolation
    • TA4F (TQG) connector seamlessly integrates with Shure wireless bodypacks
    • Tailored frequency response for great sound on vocals
    • Available with BLX, GLX-D, and PGX Digital wireless systems, renowned for ease-of-use and reliable performance


Shure GLXD14/PGA31 Specifications:


  • GLXD4 receiver:
    • Battery Requirements:  Shure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • GLXD1 bodypack transmitter:
    • Battery Life:  Up to 16 hours
    • Battery Requirements:  Shure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
    • Typical Operating Distance:
      • Indoors: Up to 100 feet (30 m) typical, with a maximum of 200 feet (60 m) under ideal conditions.
      • Outdoors: Up to 65 feet (20 m) typical, with a maximum of 165 feet (50 m) under ideal conditions.
  • PGA31 headset microphone:
    • Type:  Electret Condenser
    • Frequency Response:  60 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Polar Pattern:  Cardioid
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