Get the guitar tone you've always dreamed of – in your studio and on stage. Pro Tools® + Eleven® Rack is a specially designed bundle for guitarists that comes with the world's most popular professional recording software, a DSP-accelerated audio interface that offers mind-blowing, hyper-realistic tones of world-renowned classic amps and effects, and the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack add-on, giving you unprecedented tonal versatility. Get the experience of playing through a full guitar rig with the innovative tone cloning and True-Z input in Eleven Rack. Enjoy the freedom to explore different tones in your recorded performances and create professional-quality productions more easily, thanks to the unique hardware and software integration. And rock your talent on stage using the interface as your standalone amp modeler and signal processor. No matter how you use it, you'll always have the right tone at your fingertips when you need it.

Pro Tools Software Features:

• Compose, record, edit, and mix using the industry-standard tools

• Build big productions with up to 96 simultaneous stereo audio tracks

• Create and edit rig settings right from within Pro Tools

• Record dry and processed signals simultaneously for easy re-amping

• Never worry about saving presets, as all rig settings are embedded into recorded tracks

• Polish mixes with 70 sound processing, effects, and utility plug-ins included

• Compose music with the included virtual instruments and MIDI and notation tools

• Work with coveted pro features – Automatic Delay Compression, multitrack Beat Detective™, DigitBase™ Pro, and more

• Adjust pitch and time on the fly with Elastic Pitch and Elastic Time

• Collaborate with others easily with built-in OMF®/AAF/MFX file interchange

• Use Pro Tools software with Eleven Rack or standalone

Eleven Rack Hardware Features:

• High-speed USB 2.0 connection

• Get incredible emulations of classic amp tones inspired by Fender®, VOX®, Marshall®, Soldano, and Mesa/Boogie®

• Enhance your tone with classic stompbox effects inspired by MXR®, Electro-Harmonix®, Ibanez®, Pro Co, Univox®, and more

• Gain realistic response and tone witht he unique True-Z impedance-matching guitar input

• Customize your sound with convolution-based cabinet and microphone emulations

• Record up to 8 simultaneous channels of 24-bit/96 kHz audio – with near-zero latency

• Stay in tune with the built-in guitar tuner

• Connect additional gear to the DSP-accelerated interface

• Get high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity with your Mac or PC

• Take your sound from the studio to the stage with full standalone functionality

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