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Armstrong 303B flute/ 204 piccolo combination

Armstrong 303B open hole flute

The Armstrong head joint offers players crisp response and ease of playing throughout all registers. The Sterling silver head joint gives players more tonal character and flexibility. Open hole keys provide students the ability to develop and progess into a higher level of playing, encourages proper hand position and provides more clarity in tone. The B foot joint allows students to progress into higher level music and makes the 4th octave C speak more clearly when using the gizmo key. Top adjusting screws provide ease of repair and adjustment to keys. Built in Elkhart, Indiana.

 Sterling silver head joint, silver plated body, top-adjusting silver plated mechanism, open hole Y-arm keys, inline G, B foot

Armstrong 204 piccolo
The silver plated body and headjoint give players a bright sound that really cuts through in marching band or concert band settings. A cylindrical bore makes this piccolo easy to play throughout all three registers and provides even intonation. Built in Elkhart, Indiana, the Armstrong 204 piccolo is designed to meet the demands of both individuals and institutions. Silver plated headjoint and body, silver plated mechanism.

Flute/Piccolo PRO PAC Case - LUX Version Featuring a Sheet Music Messenger
The New Lux Piccolo/Flute Messenger PRO PAC features a uniquely stylish messenger bag combined with the protection of a PRO PAC case. The molded interior provides unparalleled protection and convenience.

Not only can this case be used as a messenger bag; the hybrid features backpack straps that can be tucked away when not in use.

Interior Messenger Compartment Dimensions: 13 x 18 x 3"

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